Unlike other purchases, selecting and installing fine art requires expertise and precision. FineArt360 provides an efficiently designed and highly experienced installation service to arrange the proper site preparation and placement of your fine art selections.

For sculpture, choosing the correct piece for your collection is a decision which triggers an important series of tasks to define the rightful position of your sculpture within your design parameters.  Site preparation and logistics can be complex. It is essential to conduct careful route planning, make arrangements for all of the heavy equipment and permits which will be needed, monitor weather conditions and attend to all of the details necessary to achieve your desired results.  The FineArt360 team offers this service to accommodate the unique parameters of your sculptural addition. 

For framed artwork ready to be hung or displayed, there are a series of steps with which we are highly proficient in order to ensure the latest addition to your collection is safely ensconced in its rightful place.  Defining the correct materials takes place during the framing service; properly positioning your chosen art within your home or corporate setting is an essential element which requires skillful measurements and attention to environmental conditions as well as the practiced eye for art placement.  FineArt360 takes to heart all of the critical details involved, everything from the design considerations to the strength of the hanging materials, to achieve the desired result.