If the old saying is true, that if a “picture is worth a thousand words”, then isn’t it worth the protection of an exceptional frame? Fine Art is intended to last as part of the legacy your family or business sustains over time.

FineArt360 recognizes that the back of the art can be just as important for longevity as the public-facing portion.  A custom frame, which includes not only the physical frame surrounding the art but the strength of its construction, the proper mounting of hanging materials and the archival preservation of the artwork itself are all vital to its longevity.

Selecting the framing material is only part of the process—yet it is intrinsically important when considered in context.  Where will this artwork reside?  Will it need to match the framing materials or style of its neighboring artwork?  Will it require the protection of museum-quality glass to reduce glare?  What type of materials are best suited to hang your art once the weight of the entire assembled unit coupled with the environment in which it will hang have been taken into consideration?  FineArt360 doesn’t leave these details to chance.

At FineArt360, we have engaged a custom framing shop to provide the highest level of customer service when it is time to correctly and elegantly frame your chosen works of art.  We work with our vendor on your behalf throughout the process to clarify your needs up front, see the project through and to underscore our desire for your satisfaction.