Commissioned Art Projects


To commission a work of art is to continue in a tradition of patronage which has sustained numerous remarkable artists throughout time and created cherished and important pieces, many of which have been preserved in distinctive collections throughout the world.

Many different purposes and occasions are best served through a commissioned piece.  Over the centuries, commissioned works have been created to celebrate the birth of a nation, commemorate the life of a legendary leader, mark the epoch of success, herald the lineage of a family, proclaim a brand or illuminate a business.  

FineArt360 recognizes the pivotal need for commissioning works which simultaneously enhance your collection and mark the occasion in a customized fashion.   Each artist with whom we have established a commission service seeks a greater understanding of your vision which we facilitate for you through an efficient consultative process.

Whether your firm desires a sculpture to grace your lobby or to greet the world at the entrance to your buildings or your family wishes to surprise your patriarch with a singular piece of art reflecting his childhood home or his grandchildren at play, our commissioning services can help you specify your needs and then select and work with an artist to achieve greatness.  Without exception, commissioning fine art will deliver a benefit which compounds over time.  At FineArt360, we believe your vision should be matched with artisans of the highest caliber to ensure success.