Randall Hunter Liquidating Entire Art Collection from five Galleries

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Greetings Art Collectors and Art Lovers...

 This is Randall Hunter, owner of Fine Art Estate and our associated brands www.Mauiart.com, www.FineArt 360.comwww.TryArt.com, and www.Weygers.com.

I am offering my entire art collection and inventory from the many galleries I have owned… at exceptional prices. We are offering over 95% of this collection atwholesale cost or better which is 40-75% off  retail prices.

See www.fineart360.com  to view our entire portfolio of bronze sculptures, original paintings, limited edition lithographs, serigraphs, and giclees on paper and canvas of over 55 artists. This art is in inventory and ready to ship!

Contact Us Today!   831-332-2000 (Randy) or 808-281-2012 (Michael) and take advantage of this extraordinary one time offer available on a first come basis.

Pick out your favorite art for your family, a friend, your office or your home. Many of these pieces are sold out pieces and all are obtained directly from the artists.

Why am I doing this?

After 26 years in the art gallery business, my focus is being concentrated on the legacy of the great artist Alexander Weygers.   See  www.weygers.com.

Alexander Weygers (1901-1989) was born in Java of Dutch heritage. He invented the first "VTOL" flying machine (The Discopter…the “first flying saucer” patented in 1944).  After his Discopter designs were considered but rejected by The US Army, he chose to move to Carmel Valley, CA where he lived "off the grid" for over 46 years. Weygers was a sculptor, engraver, woodworker, blacksmith (his books are still a must read for blacksmiths), teacher to hundreds of apprentices at his property, engineer, inventor, photographer and painter who was a true visionary.  Alexander Weygers was light years ahead of his time!

Larry Page, CEO of Google, Joe Ben Bevirt of Jobe Aviation and other visionaries have all spent millions expanding upon Alexander Weygers aeronautical engineering skills (as achieved in The Discopter)  inventing  their own vertical thrust flying machines.

Please enjoy the samples below of a “sneak peek” from www.fineart360.com and www.weygers.com

We hope to hear from you soon, but most of all, we appreciate your loyalty and business for all these years!!


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