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Over the years Fine Art 360 has helped many artists develop their careers. We are looking for new and established artists who would like to share their spiritual vision with the world. Our focus is on Christianity around the world in all of its forms and cultural expressions including the Orthodox, Catholic, Protestant, and the Evangelical traditions.

Many times an artist will have a studio full of wonderful work but they have no income to pay the bills. Others hang on to their "day jobs" hoping to get discovered. Now you can help these artists follow their artistic vision. Your Pinterest boards will help artistis gain a much higher visibility and we will do our best to promote them. Artists are welcome to submit their own Pinterest boards. The images can have links to the artists' websites or blogs.

Please make one or more Pinterest boards featuring your favorite Spiritual themed artists and artwork and submit them. Sending them is very simple once you have created your Pinterest board send us the web address or url. (Each Pinterest board has its own url.) Here is a good step by step description from "Hey, Donna"

The Judaeo-Christian concept of creation is unusal among the cultures of the world. Many stories of the origin of the world or universe begin with a re-arranging of things that already exist. In the Babylonian story, the Enuma Elish, Marduk, the storm god kills Tiamat and fashions the heavens and the earth from her shattered body.  In the Judaeo Christian tradition, the universe is made out of nothing by God who also holds everything in existence as an ongoing creation. Christianity views all human creativity as a response to the inspiration by the Holy Spirit in this ongoing creation that God is directing to its final culmination. Consequently, the Christian vision finds God everywhere in nature. God is not nature but God's creation reveals its Divine Artist. In contrast to the ancient Platonic and Gnostic view that matter is evil and inferior to spirit, Christians believe that God became fully human in the person of Jesus of Nazareth. God's fullest expression of the Godself, the Divine Word becomes human and is born of Mary. Christians have always been wary of art that can lead to idolatry. In some Christian tradition religious are is minimized particularly in the Protestant and Reformed denominations. However, there is still a flourishing of the ancient icons. The Second Vatican Council (1963 - 1966) created a new aesthetic in Catholic religious art which departed from devotional images to modern and post modern form of symbol in worship spaces and more human representations of the saints in contemporary  cultures including those of the third world The new Los Angeles Cathedral, Our Lady of the Angels, presents all of the traditional elements of art in worship rendered in a Post Vatican II idiom. M. L . Snowden's angels at the base of the main altar have returned these heavenly beings into the more powerful and mysterious entities described in Scripture. Landscapes and various forms of Scriptural verses have become the hallmark of evangelical art.

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Where do you find inspired and inspirational Christian art. Let us know.

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