Be The Mountain

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Mountain haze by thomas leung

We proudly introduce you to Thomas Leung an artist that creates canvases of great diversity and natural spirituality.  In "Mountain Haze" he speaks to the inner spirituality in all of us.  This inner balance enables you to remain calm and centered in the midst of all the turmoil in your life. The mountain absorbs the sun in the same way that it takes in the rain, the wind, and the snow. It doesn't care what the weather is. No matter what is going on around it, the mountain is still the mountain. Thomas seems to be telling us to "Be like the mountain."

Leung's artistic abilities became apparent when he was still very young and winning awards for drawing in school. As a teenager, Thomas Leung exhibited his first paintings at the same gallery in Hong Kong where his father's works were shown. His family then immigrated to the United States, and he went to college to major in art. As one can see from the beautiful work created by Leung he certainly loves the tropics and undoubtedly he explored many of the 234 islands abutting Kowloon before his family moved to the USA. While still in college, he started to develop his own individual style, finding exciting new ways to express his novel ideas. He experimented with colors, created new concepts, and found new paths of artistic development. His paintings today can be seen at many prestigious galleries throughout the United States and China.

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