Matthew Smith

Matthew Smith was born in 1969 in Detroit, Michigan. He moved to Hawaii in 1981 and in 1993 he graduated from the University of Hawaii with a Bachelor's Degree in Fine Arts majoring in painting. He started painting at a very early age, always conveying strong feelings of emotions and a sense of humor. Smith tends to mix bold colors into an intense technical wizardry that results in a painting that captivates the viewer’s eye. Smith's palette is very unusual from his rich earthy oranges to his electrifying teal blues. Matt has a rare sense of color and his own sense of design that show up on his canvas extremely well.
Matthew Smith is one of those artists whose work talks directly to the viewer. It guides the viewer on a journey through rich symbols, strong colors and a deep sense of caring,

Smith paints primarily in an outdoor studio on the Island of Maul in the town of Lahaina. The mountains are his back-drop and the ocean lies within his view. Owning a Smith original is a positive and rewarding cultural experience.