Tectonics Study by ML Snowden

Tectonics, the first of M.L. Snowden's geological series, is a representation of the formation of Earth's four major continents: Europe, Asia,
Africa and the Americas.
Taking its name from the geological theory of "plate tectonics" (the study of the formation and interaction between continents), this piece is
defined by the artist as the "seminal piece" within the series.
The figures that represent each of the continents are ethnically distinct archetypes emerging from the same common clay. Each has a unique and visually discernible identity, but can never be separated from the larger mass.
On the human side, there is also a message of racial harmony in Tectonics. Viewing a globe, we may find our native continent more familiar,
but wouldn't identify it as inherently superior.
Such is the message of Tectonics -- as we all originate in the same material, we have taken slightly distinct forms, but the visual distinctions
are as insignificant to the actual substance of humanity as the variations of continents are to their geologic origins.

Status: Available
Size: 24 x 28 x 31
Material: Sculpture
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