UFO UFO Flying Saucer Sculpture #53 by Jason Dietz

Every geek loves a great UFO gadget, and while we are personally skeptical that if aliens managed to conquer space-time and travel thousands of light years to visit us they’d spend their time gravitationally sucking rednecks and cows up into the mothership, we still can’t help but be gobsmacked by the laborious attention to detail that Jason Dietz imbued into these fantastic, five-foot homemade UFO abduction sculptures.
Each Sculptures is five feet and five inches tall and is made out of recycle glass tubes, light diffusers and acrylic rings. They are filled with approximately ten gallons of water, and a lot of cute toy livestock, and use a series of different lights including CFLS, LEDs and halogens to attain that extraterrestrial glow. Additionally, a 110 volt, 20-gallon air bump produced bubbles from the bottom, illuminating a theme of a cow being lifted from a grassy pasture.

Status: Available
Size: 5" 5' tall
Material: Sculpture
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